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Chiropractic care focuses on abnormal movements of the spine and extremities, and the effects these restrictions have on the nervous system and the entire body.  

The Veterinary Chiropractor treats the cause not the symptoms of spinal and extremity discomfort.  In many cases instant relief is visible.

Chiropractic treatment involves specific, high speed, low force movements. Bone, joint and soft tissue realignment is made via quick, short thrusts along the joint plane.  

Chiropractic Care can:

  • Maximize mobility and optimize nervous system function
  • Improve quality of life and reduce pain for a geriatric pet
  • Allow a horse to become more active and pain free
  • Ensure proper development in puppies.                                     


Your pet may benefit from Chiropractic Care if:

  • Exhibits abnormal posture such as lowered head carriage
  • Is reluctant to move, climb stairs or jump
  • Exhibits signs of pain when being lifted or with certain movements, undefined lameness.

Your horse may benefit from Chiropractic Care if:

  • Exhibits undefined lameness, lack of performance
  • Reluctant under saddle
  • Soreness or stiffness as well as abnormal or aggressive behavior.

Speak with any of our staff members regarding the benefit of Chiropractic care.

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